24x7x365 fully random content in every channel!!



Your cyber information channel

A spider that seeks over Internet for the hottest words of the moment and a robot with a real natural voice and a photorealistic mouth bring to you a random description of what is going on right now in Cyberspace.


The never-ending match

Soccer: the most popular game of the world. And the selections of Brazil and Argentina, two of the majors teams of the history, playing a fabulous match that will never rich and end. It's exiting, dramatic...and fully random!!!


The adult pleasure that never stops

Watch them! Listen to them! They are sighing, whispering, moaning. What are they doing? They are out of control!! A most amazing sex session of the history, in front of your eyes. And totally random!!!


You'll never know who the murder is

Who is crying?! I heard steps... What happen with this chainsaw? Stop screaming for Christ's sake!!
You must sit down there and watch without blink... It's random. It's cruel, and it's unpredictable: nobody can say what will happen in the next minute!!!


Nothing is written, nothing recorded; this is really free music

You can choose what you need today: Classic, Dance, Soundscapes or Easy listening. But in RTV.MUSIC always will sound different. You won't listen to it twice. If you didn't listen to it you missed it!!!