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Gustavo Romano
Buenos Aires - Argentina
gusrom (at) findelmundo.com.ar

Gustavo Romano is an artist who works in a variety of media including video, installations, multimedia, web projects.
He has solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, the Ruth Benzacar gallery, the ICI of Buenos Aires, the Cultural Center of Spain, Cordoba and Montevideo.
His works has been exhibited also in the New Museum of Contemporary Art , New York, Casa de América and Telefonica Foundation, Madrid, MEIAC, Badajoz, MARCO, Vigo, IFA Gallery, Bonn, Suttgart, Berlin, Massachusets College of Arts, Boston, Chopo Museum, México, and included in the VII Havana Biennial, Interferences, Belfort, the I Biennial of Lima, Peru, the II Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
He is one of the directors of Fin del Mundo and LIMbØ project.
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“Cyberzoo is a virtual zoo where it is possible to experience the wildest expressions of the artificial life in the security of your computer.”




Pocketlog uses the system of the fotologs. A web based diary that uses mostly images. The project, that started on May 24th 2004, consists in a daily shot of my pocket´s content.



Hyperbody is an Internet portal, which offers up to the minute listings of websites whose names (URLs) refer to the different parts of the human body.

My Desire is Your Desire


The piece is a compilation of emails received upon placing the personal pages of a fictitious man and woman on the Internet. The facial features of this couple were a digital composite lifted from various fragments of identification photos. Each page had its own email address, and a series of messages where posted to Usenet forums dedicated to personal ads. The posts contained the web page URL as well as its text.
The project began in September 1996, upon the opening of the exhibit En Tránsito/ Señales presentes, (In Transit / Present Signals) which took place in the Fundación Banco Patricios, in Buenos Aires. The piece culminated in January 1997 for the opening of the same exhibit in the Museo del Chopo, in México. Approximately one hundred emails received were on exhibit in the Museo del Chopo, as well as published on the Internet site, Fin del Mundo.