Subject: Re: My desire is your desire
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 21:00:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Antonov <>
CC: Antonov <>


I saw your posting on the web, and I found it interesting.

Let me introduce myself briefly here: I am a 40 year old, gentleman, looks
30, 5'9", 180# well-built, handsome and a gentleman. I am a Black male
from Europe. My motto is "Life is short, enjoy it while you can."
Fun-loving and fun-to-be-with is how most people remember me. (Hope you
don't think I am being cheesy here ;-) )

I am a financially secured, professional, who works hard and plays very

I am very well-hung, 9" & 6" thick, disease-free, clean, and long-lasting.
I enjoy making my female partner
multi-orgasmic, without making her sore. I am very discreet and will try
everything that does not cause anyone physical harm.
I tend to respect others' limits and expect the same.

I live in Oregon, but do some travelling when the need occurs, let's
keep in touch. If you ever wander over here, let me know. This place is
beautiful, if you have not been here before. Consider taking a vaction
here, if you are looking for a memorable vacation. Oregon is the best kept
secret in the country. I live alone in a good neighborhood and can entertain.

Great outdoors, great night-life, decent, safe, very politically-correct,
lots of hiking trails, mountains, and Ski resort, less than 1hour away,

Do I sound like the pitch-man of the state's tourism dept.

If you ever plan on heading this direction, please write me at PO BOX
25545, Portland, OR 97298-0545.




If you are free-spirited like me, if interested, I may throw in a flight
ticket or share the expense.

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