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This project, THE TENNIS MATCH, emerged from a series of studies and pieces that I had performed between 1967 - 1968, revisited again from 1997 to the present. In the selection of the subject we discover not only personal motivations and passions, but also highly distinguishable social elements. I am dealing with binary polarisation that may be discovered in the pieces I had performed in those years. Moreover, as a consequence of Ongania's dictatorship, the whole Argentine society was divided into two political parties, the Peronistas and the anti-Peronistas.
Futhermore the concept of WINNER - LOSER was a popular theme during the sixties. The flourishing guerrillas that began in Taco Ralo in my country in 1967, led me to question the veracity of these concepts.

As the map of Latin America had been turned upside down, the south at the top and the north at the bottom, the concept of success was connected to our capacity of fight the dictatorship even at the risk our own lives; the concept of failure was associated with those who, in defending their status, became friends of dictatorship. It should be kept in mind that computers based on binary systems along with a strong tendency to structuralism appeared in the 50s, underlining this binary situation.

In April 1997, I published my own book with notes and six projects.
Three of these were presented in Di Tella's Institute in 1967 - 1968, while the others remained as plans only. Among my reasons for writing this book was the desire to gather all the ephemeral peculiarity of installations and environments in which I had performed so that today I can keep them in mind. These reasons were reinforced by the fact that I put aside my artistic activities from 1968 to 1976, because of the dictatorship that attacked our critique of our social role as artists.

In adittion, there is polarisation in the previously-mentioned works:

ULTRA: 1 - 0 ; white - black ; heat - cold ; shadow - light ; silence - noise IDENTITY intoTWO SITUATION:acrilic objects were illuminated - transparent 500WATTS,4.635 KC,4,5C: suggests the opposition of darkness - light ; sound - silence
COMMUNICATIONS: in 1968 dwelt upon tactil - visual - auditive situations THE ROND TABLE:between: naturalness - representation ; public - artist
THE TENNIS MATCH: in Di Tella's Institute, developed the winner - loser theme but remained as planned work until 1997.

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