Writing detains, crystallizes. In a way it kills the word and keeps its corpse. An ethereal corpse like a desiccated butterfly.
I start here from the idea of a collection. As Linneo who classified his insects in different kinds, colours and sizes, as an entomologist who traps butterflies in his net to put them in order afterwards, nailing their bodies with pins, I will collect butterfly- quotes that will be trapped in the net.
Quotes will be taken from issued literature, regarding that butterflies are topologically similar to books.
In this work in progress a collection of book-butterflies will be forming. The idea is to make an infinite collection of quotes (if the concept of infinite wouldn't attempt to the concept of collection).
Those who want to contribute to this collection, please send your butterfly-quote to:
M a r i p o s a s - L i b r o
BelÚn Gache